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It’s completely FREE to join and it takes just 90 seconds or less. Then you can sign up for events, and tutoring. Unlock all of our free resources and workshops once you sign up.  

Our Classes

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How much is tutoring?

At Pink Tower School, we are committed to providing accessible and high-quality tutoring services for all. Currently, we provide homework help, tutoring and reading classes on base for free. For SAC families requesting tutoring we have a transparent structure ensures flexibility for families seeking support. For Families looking to support our mission we have the service prices listed. You can pay online using the link or NavyFed any amount. Each tutoring class is priced at $30 for a single session, offering a convenient pay-as-you-go option. 

You can sign up and click Pay In Person, we will never collect money in-person. We will send email reminders about new plans, donation campaigns, and will update scholarship codes each season. 

Furthermore, we understand that financial circumstances vary, and we believe that every child should have the opportunity to excel academically. We offer scholarships to everyone that applies. The more we raise the more we can do. 

Simply click the button below to ensure that your child receives the support they need to thrive in their educational journey. Our goal is to make learning accessible to all, and we are here to support your child's success.

We are new. Where do we start?

We ask that all new children sign up for our First Steps class. This class lets us meet and learn more about your child. After you will receive more information about our tutoring classes and how we plan to build greatness together. 

Or you can schedule a virtual meeting and talk privately to one of our educational guides about your child's individual needs and goals. During the meeting you can ask questions, provide any documentation or paperwork you think our team should see to best support your little one. 

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